Success Stories

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Product Engineering Solution for an IP Service Company Looking for a Standard Product

Product Engineering for the development of a standard product with an option to customize modules on the go.

Workflow Customization / Reconfiguration Solution for an IP Law & Consulting Firm

Workflow management to efficiently define, set up, and monitor operational activities.

Enhancing the Analysis of Well-Logs through Digitization for an Oil & Gas Company

Well-log digitization converts paper-based well-log documents into workable datasets for quick and easy analysis.

Unraveling Offshore Development Center for a Logistics Management Software Company

Setting up an offshore development
center to meet diverse business requirements of supply chain management.

Revamping Energy Pipeline Supply Chain for an Energy Transportation Solutions Supplier

A comprehensive pipeline management solution for suppliers to integrate all important stages of energy transportation.

Streamlining Pipeline and Terminal Scheduling for an Oil & Gas Company

Pipeline and terminal scheduling application streamlines and optimizes the movement of crude oil, gas, and refined products.