Data Management & Analytics Solution for a Health & Fitness Club

Data Management & analytics for effective collection, cleaning, processing, and analysis of data.

Category: Data Science


The client is a prominent health and fitness club with a global presence, operating in 5000+ franchised locations across 50+ other countries.


The primary challenges revolved around disparate versions and silos of data that required analysis, consolidation, and cleansing for effective business analytics. The client sought a unified, verifiable data source for organizational analytics. Additional hurdles included the absence of a central data catalog leading to conflicting information from different sources, and a significant number of duplicates in
consumer data.

SolutionData Management & Analytics Solution

Contata served as an extended team of experts, collaborating with various stakeholders and system database administrators. The objective was to profile, analyze, and establish data flow between diverse sources.

Contata delivered dashboards and reports, enabling stakeholders to analyze customer activity, revenue, and franchised location performance at a glance. Data from over 30 countries, both domestic and international, were extracted and stored in Azure Data Lake using Azure functions and Azure Data Factory pipelines.

Selected data was then transferred to an Azure SQL data warehouse, serving as a single, verified source of truth for enterprise reporting. Advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms were employed to deduplicate consumer data based on personal traits across countries and zones, ensuring data security for confidential information (PII/PHI/PCI) both at rest and in transit.

Daily ETL runs were monitored through an automated operations dashboard, and notifications were sent using Azure Alerts.


  • Identified 17% duplicates in historical data.
  • Daily savings of 240+ manhours across the organization.
  • 55% data sources provisioned and cataloged for BI.


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