Customer Data Analytics for Retail Company Looking to Improve Marketing Strategies

Data Analytics to understand consumer behavior and improve digital marketing campaigns.

Category: Data Science


The client is a prominent retail chain in Western US with over US$ 6.5 million in revenue and 300+ premium convenience stores globally.


The client sought insights into customer behavior and loyalty to improve marketing strategies. The retail transactional data, containing critical customer information, needed to be cleaned and deduplicated to evaluate customer lifetime value (CLV) and total revenue across diverse customer segments and demographics.

SolutionCustomer Data Analytics for Retail Company

Contata mined and processed data, creating dashboards in Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery. We Included ETL using Google Cloud Dataflow, cleaning/prep with Cloud Dataprep, BigQuery design, ML model development, and Google Data Studio-based reports. Propensity analysis ML model identified leads for targeted cross-selling, boosting average customer spending per visit. We also implemented A/B loyalty schemes on retail transactional data for measurable results, forming a successful program template for franchise expansion.


  • Significantly reduced marketing costs with improved conversion rates.
  • Enhanced business intelligence for tracking customer lifetime value.
  • Templated customer spending model for franchise expansion based on data reports and trends.
  • Cleaned and refined insights from historical data.

About Contata

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