Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands across the globe. Know how Contata helped companies drive more value to their businesses with top-notch Data Science, App Development, and Marketing solutions.


Boosting Engagement: Harnessing AI-based Conversational Search for Enhanced User Experiences

The client faced challenges with its existing model, which hampered user engagement. The sheer volume of inquiries and the need for more accessible assistance prompted them to explore alternative approaches.

Functional Testing for a Well Log Digitization Tool

The client specializes in providing global geoscientific data products and services to the Oil & Gas industry. Additionally, they offer advanced, permanently-installed reservoir monitoring solutions on a global scale.

Strategic Transformation: Overcoming Operational Challenges for a Software Company

The solution comprised a detailed 13-month commitment, featuring a Tech Manager, Senior Developer, and Junior Developer.Contata embraced a user-centric strategy and agile methodologies, with a particular emphasis on the Kanban framework.

Revolutionizing Hospitality: A Unified Platform for Personalized Travel Experiences

In the tourism industry, it’s crucial for businesses to have a centralized platform where users can access all necessary amenities and services when planning a holiday. The client’s services were fragmented across different channels and partners.

Revolutionized PatentAnalysis with GPT-4 for an IP Firm

Utilizing the powerful GPT-4 model, we transformed the reference search process. Instead of relying on keyword-based searches, we employed the GPT API to generate concepts from claim texts.

Optimizing Onboarding – A Power-Driven Approach for Streamlined Efficiency

Contata devised a tailored onboarding solution, which involved a meticulous integration with existing HR, IT, and departmental systems. By seamlessly incorporating Power Automate with SharePoint, we established a robust document storage system. tracking.