Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands across the globe. Know how Contata helped companies drive more value to their businesses with top-notch Data Science, App Development, and Marketing solutions.


Securing Digital Frontiers: Adaptive Trust Architecture and Geo-based Security Implementation

Contata’s IT team embarked on a journey to elevate business values of the client’s application. The project involved management of users, assets, devices, and geofences, creating associations to secure digital assets based on the end customers’ geographical locations.

Enhanced Performance of a Web-based Construction ERP Planner

Explore our in-depth case study on the enhanced performance of a Web-based ERP Planner tailored for the construction industry. Witness streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and elevated project management. Revolutionize your construction processes with our proven solution.

Streamlining Real Estate Excellence: Enhancing Agent Onboarding and Marketing Efficiency

Contata thoroughly analyzed the ongoing issues and delivered a comprehensive solution to the client, seamlessly integrating Microfrontends with VueJS and BackboneJS to create a responsive and interactive user interface.

Document Analytics for an Oil & Gas Service Company

Our client sought a solution that can be used to categorize documents, identify duplicates and extract actionable information. The process that the client used for compiling its data product was complex.

Data Orchestration for a Hearing Aid Company Looking to Transfer Large Files

Client faced a challenge in transferring large files manually after data processing operations from the distributed compute nodes. Also, multiple files are received in response from the integration point.

Customized Product Development for Incident Reporting for Government Agencies

Contata analyzed the process and designed the end-to-end application to meet the requirements of the client in such a manner that the entire process of project area creation & activation, report creation, easy collaboration, and the report solution by the respective authorities take place most effectively.