Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands across the globe. Know how Contata helped companies drive more value to their businesses with top-notch Data Science, App Development, and Marketing solutions.


Functional Testing Solution for a Leading Oil & Gas Data Provider

Often the support staff reported severe issues in the admin app which could have been caught in testing. Such issues could have easily compromised the functioning of the client’s portal, thereby affecting the company’s reputation.

Streamlining Patent Law Software Testing: Achieving Efficiency and Stability Through Test Automation

The client’s testing requirement was focused on ensuring comprehensive coverage of all application functionalities at a minimum smoke level in each release.

ETL Testing Automation Solution to Revolutionize Data Validation & Integration

The client wanted to validate that source data is imported into the application and defined business rules are applied on source data before it’s put in destination database.

Advanced QA Testing Solutions for an E-commerce Company

Contata’s initiative to test new and modified web services of the e-commerce landscape was an effort to deliver a high-performance application, which is free of bugs and issues.

Test Automation Services for an Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firm

A competitive patent payment accounting service provider with over 10 years of experience, the client helped law firms based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with innovative practice management solutions.

Data Visualization & KPI Tracking Solutions for a Hearing Aid Company

KPI Tracking and Data Visualization to track a company’s progress based on different performance metrics.