Advancing Precision Medicine through Transformative Text Analysis in Pharmaceutical Research

Leveraging advanced Named Entity Recognition (NER) technology, Contata enabled the identification and extraction of relevant entities from biomedical literature, streamlining the identification of gene-mutations and diseases.

Transforming Data Management with Databricks for a Health & Fitness Club

Contata addressed the challenges by leveraging Databricks. We implemented Delta Lake as part of its Lakehouse architecture, combining the best features of data lakes and data warehouses. Read case study to know more.

Data Orchestration for a Hearing Aid Company Looking to Transfer Large Files

Client faced a challenge in transferring large files manually after data processing operations from the distributed compute nodes. Also, multiple files are received in response from the integration point.

Data Visualization & KPI Tracking Solutions for a Hearing Aid Company

KPI Tracking and Data Visualization to track a company’s progress based on different performance metrics.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for a Liquor Distributor to Track New Orders and Stock

SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) offers one common view of the company data collected through multiple sources.

Face Detection & Attendance Monitoring Solution for an Event Organiser

AI-based face detection to track people and customer data to make informed decisions.

Customer Data Analytics for Retail Company Looking to Improve Marketing Strategies

Data Analytics to understand consumer behavior and improve digital marketing campaigns.

Semantic Layer Data Modeling for a Beverage Company

Adding a semantic layer to a data model provides a unified and consolidated view of a company’s overall data.

Data Deduplication for a Health & Fitness Club for Accurate & Reliable Business Insights

Data Deduplication provides better and more reliable insights into business for strategic decision-making.

Data Management & Analytics Solutions for an E-commerce Agency

Data management & analytics for effective data handling, reporting, and campaign management.

Data Management & Analytics Solution for a Health & Fitness Club

Data Management & analytics for effective collection, cleaning, processing, and analysis of data.

Real-time Climate Monitoring & Forecasting Solution for a Mountain Trek Organizer

Real-time climate monitoring & forecasting to ensure the safety of customers

Digital Transformation of a Realty Company Looking to Optimize Data Collection

Digital Transformation to optimize data collection and avoid manual handling by a data entry operator.