Digital Transformation of a Law Firm Looking to Streamline the Litigation Process

Digital transformation to avoid time-consuming and resource-intensive manual handling of data.

Category: Application Development


The client is one of the leading law firm, which provide facilities to the user such as electronic filing and court case management services to both individuals and other law firms.


Our client sought an application that can directly hit on core pain points of the litigation process. They wanted to address the high cost and time-consuming nature of manual court reporters and document finding in litigation. There has been a push to automate the process of speech-to-text conversion and relevant document finding. This can be done through the use of speech recognition software and other high-end technologies to convert voice to text and extract relevant information from a large number of documents, respectively. This flow can help to streamline the litigation process and making more efficient for attorneys and other users

SolutionDigital Transformation of a Law Firm

Contata has developed an end-to-end Digital Transformation of a Law Firm for streamlining the litigation process by incorporating advanced technologies. It involves recording depositions, automating the text-to speech conversion process, and allowing real-time document search using an e-discovery database. They use speech-to-text converting API to eliminate the need for manual court reporters, and the architecture is designed in such a way that multiple speech-to-text tools and different e-discovery databases can be used in the future. Additionally, the search within the e-discovery database is user-specific, which allows different users to work on one deposition with different workspaces or even different databases. The solution also includes features to share documents and chat, allowing attorneys taking depositions and remote participants to easily share relevant information. The salient features of the product are:

  • Real-time Speech-to-text conversion-It allows conversion of speech-to-text using Rev API-based technology in which the produced transcript comes integrated with grammar, syntax, structure, and composition of audio and voice signals to understand and process human speech.
  • Custom Vocabulary-It includes custom vocabulary comprising domain-specific words, phrases, proper nouns, etc. that makes the process of recognizing the words faster and more accurate.
  • E-discovery Search– It is an electronic aspect of identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation. It includes various search methods such as operator search, semantic search, keyword search, and fuzzy logic search. These search methods not only make the process of document finding and data insight easier but also faster and more efficient.


  • By using the automated process,99% accuracy is achieved and also shows an eye catchy effect in reducing human efforts.
  • E- discovery leads to multiple project management and high data security.
  • Better understanding of transcripts and speech with more error-free formation.
  • Remarkable downfall in the overall cost of operations by automating the whole process.


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