Product Engineering for an IP & Law firm Seeking an Advanced Search Option to Filter Results

Product engineering to upgrade a software product for useful features and maximum throughput.

Category: Application Development


The client is an intellectual property law and consultancy firm. It works on all aspects of Intellectual Property management and advises on the strategic protection of patents, trademarks, and designs. With 60+ years of experience in the industry and 20+ offices worldwide, it manages over three million IP rights of around 8,000 customers


There was already a basic search feature available in the system where users can search using direct values or any keyword. However, the requirement was to develop an Advanced Search option, especially when looking for information that focuses on a specific field of the Inventory Management System which helps in selecting options or data that we need to fetch from the database with the help of certain operators and queries.

SolutionAdvanced Search Option

Under this Advanced Search feature implementation, Contata developed a feature where users can create their own queries to search the desired inventions precisely and save the search options for another login session as well.

Other key implemented features include:

  • User may select multiple fields from each section to prepare custom search queries and save the Advanced Search queries for later use in their account.
  • Saved queries will be visible in the saved queries drop-down list in the Advanced Search screen.
  • Advanced search operators like equal, not equal, in, not in, is empty, between, less than or equal to & greater than or equal to, etc. and a certain range could be selected for the filter.


  • Advanced Search filters are used to filter out irrelevant or unwanted results by narrowing the searches and getting your intended results faster.
  • Restrict the search by numbers, good for establishing number ranges such as date.
  • Users can select multiple fields from each section to prepare custom search queries using several operators to get precise and more specific data by saving the time and multiple efforts of the user.
  • Saving queries functionality help the users to save their time and efforts while searching the data in their next login attempt.


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