Invent Management System for an IP Law & Consulting Firm

An invent management solution to streamline the submission process for inventors.

Category: Application Development


The client is one of the intellectual property law and consultancy firms. It works on all aspects of Intellectual property management and advises on the strategic protection of patents, trademarks, and designs.


Our client is looking for, Invent Management System, an application that allows inventors to submit their inventions/ideas to the organization. The submission process should be rich and configurable, with different approval authorities (reviewers) able to make decisions throughout the workflow about the submitted inventions. After final review, the application can push invention information in the form of LEDES to any interlinked application, from where the invention can further go for the filing process.

SolutionInvent Management System

Contata analyzed the process and designed the application by incorporating the core modules necessary to provide a fully functional and reliable solution. The application was designed with key modules:

  • Advance search-In this, we developed a feature where user can create their queries to search the desired inventions precisely and save the search options for another login session as well. It gives the users the freedom to expand the search section and select the search field which the user wants. Users can save advanced search queries and also be visible in the saved queries drop-down list in the advanced search screen. Also, advanced search operators like equal, not equal, in, not in, is empty, between, greater than, or equal to, etc., and a certain range could be selected for the filter.
  • Customized workflow-Workflow management is not as easy as it seems, it is a complex process. Under this customizable system workflow, configuration parameters can be managed through the workflow settings in the system configuration comprising key factors such as co-Inventor approval which includes workflow will go through the co-inventor before the Manager and PRC approval, witness approval which includes the workflow will go through witness before Manager and PRC approval and the manager technical assessment.
  • Form builder-It helps in creating customizable, requirement-specific forms for unit this, the form builder screen displays the complete list of the forms which exist in the Invention wizard and can be edited or redistributed by the admin as needed.
  • Customized product-In this, we create other customized products with the help of standard products with minimum or no code changes by just changing the configuration settings of the standard product comprising workflow change, and adding tasks. adding several statuses for different inventions etc.


  • It helps to filter out irrelevant or unwanted results by narrowing the searches and getting your intended results faster.
  • Customizable workflow with less/ no code, and also a minimum technical skill which makes it easy for all kinds of end-user operations.
  • Form builder helps in the customization of forms to configure company and other fields in the invent which reduces the manual work for the user.
  • Customization of products which gives easiness to users by customized configurations & workflow.


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