Application Development

Customized Product Development for Incident Reporting for Government Agencies

Contata analyzed the process and designed the end-to-end application to meet the requirements of the client in such a manner that the entire process of project area creation & activation, report creation, easy collaboration, and the report solution by the respective authorities take place most effectively.

Performance Testing Solution for a SaaS-Based Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Portal

Founded in 1991, the client is one of the leading balanced scorecard implementation organizations, focused on delivering performance management solutions to customers, including tools, templates and framework.

Streamlining Patent Law Software Testing: Achieving Efficiency and Stability Through Test Automation

The client’s testing requirement was focused on ensuring comprehensive coverage of all application functionalities at a minimum smoke level in each release.

ETL Testing Automation Solution to Revolutionize Data Validation & Integration

The client wanted to validate that source data is imported into the application and defined business rules are applied on source data before it’s put in destination database.

Advanced QA Testing Solutions for an E-commerce Company

Contata’s initiative to test new and modified web services of the e-commerce landscape was an effort to deliver a high-performance application, which is free of bugs and issues.

Test Automation Services for an Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firm

A competitive patent payment accounting service provider with over 10 years of experience, the client helped law firms based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with innovative practice management solutions.

Invent Management System for an IP Law & Consulting Firm

An invent management solution to streamline the submission process for inventors.

An Intuitive, Fast, and Easy-to-use CRM Tool for Sales & Marketing Professionals

A cutting-edge CRM tool specifically designed for Sales & Marketing professionals.

Product Engineering for a LegalTech Firm Looking to Find References Online

Product engineering to enable an online search option to search through and access large volumes of data

Digital Transformation of an IP & Law firm Seeking a Solution to Automate Dynamic Form Creation

Digital transformation to automate repetitive, manual tasks for improved operational efficiency.

Automation & Data Engineering Solutions for a Multi-State Litigation Law Firm

Data engineering to establish ETL pipelines for the effective movement of data from one location to another.

Product Engineering Solution for an IP Service Company Looking for a Standard Product

Product Engineering for the development of a standard product with an option to customize modules on the go.

Workflow Customization and Reconfiguration Solutions for an IP Law & Consulting Firm

Workflow management to efficiently define, set up, and monitor operational activities.

Digital Transformation of a Law Firm Looking to Streamline the Litigation Process

Digital transformation to avoid time-consuming and resource-intensive manual handling of data.

Product Engineering for an IP & Law firm Seeking an Advanced Search Option to Filter Results

Product engineering to upgrade a software product for useful features and maximum throughput.