Enhanced Performance of a Web-based Construction ERP Planner

Explore our in-depth case study on the enhanced performance of a Web-based ERP Planner tailored for the construction industry. Witness streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and elevated project management. Revolutionize your construction processes with our proven solution.

Category: Application Development


The client is a leading software development company in Belgium focused on creating ERP solutions for the construction industry.


The client operates a web-based ERP planner built on Microsoft Blazor WebAssembly, facilitating real-time business process monitoring, resource management, and report generation for various
departments. Due to strong coupling among UI objects and suboptimal handling of business logic,
the client faced several performance issues in its planner, including:

  • Slow loading of the initial page
  • Delayed page rendering when refreshing or applying filter
  • Inefficient handling of large datasets
  • Misplacement of inner components
  • Displaying the complete page instead of partial reload


Contata thoroughly analyzed the issues in the client’s ERP planner and started working on them to enhance its performance. In just a matter of 8 months, we:

  • Removed unnecessary dependencies on entities
  • Optimized information retrieval during the initial page load
  • Strategically placed components to reduce event callbacks
  • Transferred complex business logic to stored procedures
  • Eliminated redundant method and event invocations
  • Decoupled objects and components for rendering only necessary elements
  • Introduced a “week-view” calendar for granular resource and event planning, resembling Outlook/MS-Teams


  • The planner was now a complete product that the client could present to its customers.
  • The planner became more efficient for use by construction companies with 8-10 times faster application initial load time, bringing more value.
  • Introduction of a “week-view” calendar increased the functionality of the application and enhanced user utility.

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