Streamlining Real Estate Excellence: Enhancing Agent Onboarding and Marketing Efficiency

Contata thoroughly analyzed the ongoing issues and delivered a comprehensive solution to the client, seamlessly integrating Microfrontends with VueJS and BackboneJS to create a responsive and interactive user interface.

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The client runs an online platform designed to assist real estate agents and teams create compelling print marketing materials. The platform integrates branded materials with an MLS-connected designer, ensuring that property listings are effectively marketed to the right audience. Offering tools for crafting property brochures, direct mail pieces, and more, the platform enhances the marketing capabilities of real estate professionals.


The client faced several challenges with its online platform, such as:

Agent Onboarding

The client faced issues streamlining the onboarding process for real estate agents using their registered ID (NRDS number) from the MLS system.

Team Collaboration

Efficient collaboration among agents was hindered, prompting the need for a system that allowed agents to form teams and work together seamlessly.

Listing Updates

Keeping agents informed about the latest listings from the MLS system in a timely manner posed a significant challenge.

Marketing Tools

Agents needed a user-friendly tool for effortlessly creating property brochures and direct mail pieces.

Integration Options

Integrating with external platforms, such as Dropbox and Google Drive to import high-resolution listing photos, required a streamlined process.

Approval Process

Implementing a system for agents to approve or request modifications when brochures were created on their behalf was essential for a smoother workflow.


Contata thoroughly analyzed the ongoing issues and delivered a comprehensive solution to the client, seamlessly integrating Microfrontends with VueJS and BackboneJS to create a responsive and interactive user interface. Our Microservices backend, powered by NodeJS, JAVA, and Python, ensured efficient and scalable services. The entire system was hosted on AWS, utilizing Lambda, S3, SQS, EC2, and DynamoDB for a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure. Our solutions included:

MLS Integration

Contata addressed the agent onboarding challenges by seamlessly integrating the MLS system into the client’s platform, allowing for a straightforward onboarding process with unique identification numbers.

Hierarchical System

A hierarchical system was established to facilitate team collaboration during onboarding, ensuring effective control over associated agents’ workspaces.

Automated Listing Updates

An automated system was implemented to periodically fetch agent listings from the MLS system and promptly notify agents via email for necessary actions.

Marketing Template Creation

A user-friendly tool for creating property marketing templates was designed, empowering agents to generate marketing materials swiftly.

Third-Party Integration

Contata enabled third-party integration on the platform, allowing agents to connect Dropbox and Google Drive, and import high-resolution images.

Approval Workflow

An efficient approval workflow was implemented, allowing team admins to send drafts of in-progress brochures to agents for approval or modification requests.


Contata’s solutions provided a variety of benefits to the client, including:

  • Automated Data Entry-The elimination of manual data entry allowed users to select a listing and a brochure template, with the system automatically populating the details.
  • Quick Turnaround-The streamlined process enabled same-day printing and priority shipping, typically delivering marketing materials within one or two business days.
  • Material Recycling-Repurposing existing marketing materials became more efficient, with the assistance of the platform’s designer tool.

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