Advanced QA Testing Solutions for an e-Commerce Company

Contata’s initiative to test new and modified web services of the e-commerce landscape was an effort to deliver a high-performance application, which is free of bugs and issues.

Category: Application Development


Established in 1885, the client is a popular vegetable agriculturist, known for pioneering traditional floral and nursery operations in Minneapolis. With footprints in over 29 convenient retail locations in Minneapolis, the client offers a wide range of products, ranging from fresh flowers to live and silk garden plants, gifts, collectibles, accessories, supplies silk garden plants, fountains, floor mats, and games. With a total strength of 1,200 employees, the client is a reputable flower vendor providing door-to-door service to its customers


Contata’s initiative to test new and modified web services of the e-commerce landscape was an effort to deliver a high-performance application, which is free of bugs and issues. This would ensure better prospects, harmonious customer relationships, and improved market share for the client. Based on the client’s requirements, the following business challenges surfaced for Contata engineers:

  • Setting up test environment & standardizing processes
  • Understanding each aspect of the application to track bugs
  • Setting up a testing framework
  • Keeping pace with the application’s changing requirements
  • Handling complexity arising from the integration of applications with third-party software
  • Providing testing solutions within constrained timeframes
  • Deciding strategy for performing QA
  • Handling complex requirements
  • Handling frequent releases
  • Achieving end-user satisfaction


With a range of QA testing solutions, including functional testing, regression testing, etc.,Contata provided a more stable, high-performance application to the client that could ensure smooth end-user experience.


Contata partnered with the client to provide an end-to-end QA testing solution for their new web-based application. Our approach to address application concerns focused on reducing cycle time and enhancing application’s performance. Contata adopted industry best practices and standardized processes to perform advanced testing effectively and achieve synergy in QA processes. We deployed our expert team to handle the complexity of the project with the help of extensive automation and tools. 

Our outsourced delivery model ensured dedicated focus on the application. We were involved in providing an end-to-end testing solution to the client right from reviewing requirements and recommended testing solutions to successful implementation of the product in the production environment. 

New designs and components incorporated into the system were tested to ensure performance. Based on defined web standards & guidelines, Contata approached each aspect of the solution. Our QA managers were involved in tracking and correcting issues within defined timeframes. 

Specialized resources, such as domain experts, test automation engineers, and performance testers handled the project effectively to ensure well-managed & well-executed delivery of the project under deadlines. We were able to deliver a scalable and robust application with reusable components to reduce time, effort, and cost for testing further cycles.

Based on the client’s requirements, Contata offered the following testing solutions as a part of its QA deliverables:

  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing

Contata leveraged the potential of various cutting-edge technologies in our testing solution, including JIRA (for requirements, change request management, and defect tracking), TestLink (for test case management and test planning), JMeter (for performance testing), JProbe (for memory leaks), Mcafee (for XSS testing), and Selenium (for functional automation testing).


  • 80% time savings on functional testing
  • Significant time savings on regression testing
  • Regression suite automated
  • Early detection of issues made possible
  • Automatic report and email generation
  • More stable and secure application with no issues in production
  • Increased visibility of the testing infrastructure


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