Document Analytics for an Oil & Gas Service Company

Our client sought a solution that can be used to categorize documents, identify duplicates and extract actionable information. The process that the client used for compiling its data product was complex.

Streamlining QA Processes for Petrochemical ERP Application

With nearly 200 years of domain experience, the client is a leading provider of logistics management software to Fortune 500 and medium-sized Oil & Gas companies.

Functional Testing Solution for a Leading Oil & Gas Data Provider

Often the support staff reported severe issues in the admin app which could have been caught in testing. Such issues could have easily compromised the functioning of the client’s portal, thereby affecting the company’s reputation.

Enhancing the Well-Logs Analysis For Oil Gas Company through Digitization

Well-log digitization converts paper-based well-log documents into workable datasets for quick and easy analysis.

Unraveling Offshore Development Center for a Logistics Management Software Company

Setting up an offshore development
center to meet diverse business requirements of supply chain management.

Revamping Energy Pipeline Supply Chain for an Energy Transportation Solutions Supplier

A comprehensive pipeline management solution for suppliers to integrate all important stages of energy transportation.

Streamlining Pipeline and Terminal Scheduling for an Oil & Gas Company

Pipeline and terminal scheduling application streamlines and optimizes the movement of crude oil, gas, and refined products.

Smooth Sailing: Automated Dock and Berth Scheduling for Hassle-Free Operations

Dock and berth scheduling application tracks the availability of docks and berths, and reduces waiting times for ships/tankers/vessels.

How Contata’s Shrinkage Calculations and Diluent Allocation Module Saves Up to 43%

Implementing a module to estimate the monthly requirement of diluent, its allocation, and shrinkage.