Data Visualization & KPI Tracking Solutions for a Hearing Aid Company

KPI Tracking and Data Visualization to track a company’s progress based on different performance metrics.

Category: Data Science


The client is a hearing-aid company consisting of a network of franchised and corporately owned retail outlets. The company has provided hearing aid solutions and other medical devices for over 70 years, with 1500 franchised locations nationwide, and headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.


The client runs an incentive program for the salespersons under which the salesperson was awarded the incentive on goal completion. The goal was considered completed when a certain number of deliveries of medical devices were completed using the salesperson referral code.

Since this was not a top priority task for the accounting department, incentive calculations were delayed and the program did not effectively boost sales. Calculations were done over excel and results were published over the intranet with an erratic schedule making it difficult for anyone to follow the leaderboard. The need was to have it in near real-time and automated.

SolutionData Visualization & KPI Tracking Solutions

We helped the client to implement data visualization & KPI tracking solutions and stream analytics-based solutions where data was processed via a hot path in near real-time and published to a visually appealing Power BI dashboard. Data was consolidated quickly from the sources and the company now had a single version of the truth’ trusted by the whole business and real-time power bi reports assured that the sales leaderboard was always up to date.

KPI over targeted sales goals was constructed dynamically for each salesperson and threshold alerts were added to the report which sent out a notification to the accounting team and kickstarted a power automated workflow for quick disbursement of the incentive.


45% increase

In the engagement of salespersons with the incentive program within 1 week of launch. More competitiveness was noticed with the real-time leaderboard and quick disbursements of incentives.

20 manhours

Per week saved from the accounting department for collating, checking, and publishing the leaderboards and disbursements.

1 hour

Is the new time from achieving the goal to getting notified about the achievement. This was a drastic improvement compared to the weeks it used to take before.


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