Data Management & Analytics Solutions for an E-commerce Agency

Data management & analytics for effective data handling, reporting, and campaign management.

Category: Data Science


A leading global e-Commerce agency with 500+ clients worldwide, specializing in ROI optimization and brand management on major platforms.


The client sought a comprehensive solution for data collection, aggregation, and analysis to support live campaign management, reporting, and strategy optimization. They needed a unified data source for internal reporting and client-facing dashboards, utilizing historical data for weighted metric optimization.

Solutions-Data Management & Analytics Solutions

Contata’s data science experts collaborated with various stakeholders to create resilient workflows for real-time reporting. We extracted data from 50+ e-Commerce platforms’ APIs stored in AWS RDS Data Warehouse using AWS Glue and EC2 machines.

The warehouse became the verified source for enterprise reporting. Continuous data updates and synchronization with changing metrics provided accuracy. We also implemented measures to ensure data security.


  • Achieved 98% accuracy within 24 hours.
  • Integrated 40+ data endpoints from various e-commerce platforms into the warehouse for ML and analytics.
  • Developed a single unified platform for dynamic campaign management across multiple platforms with custom controls.


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