An Intuitive, Fast, and Easy-to-use CRM Tool for Sales & Marketing Professionals

A cutting-edge CRM tool specifically designed for Sales & Marketing professionals.

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Introduction Relevate (CRM Tool for Sales & Marketing)

Relevate is a CRM (customer relationship management) product developed by Contata Solutions. It is designed to support multiple industries, including Real Estate, Health Care, and Insurance. Relevate (CRM Tool for Sales & Marketing), offers solutions for marketing, and space management, and can integrate with third-party platforms such as Zapier. The email list-building system in it is intended to be intuitive, fast, and easy to use for sales and marketing professionals.


Contata has experience working with a wide range of companies across various industries and has found that all companies have a need to effectively target potential customers with personalized and relevant messaging. The company developed Relevate to address this need by providing an easy-to-use platform that allows clients to search for, locate, and communicate with key decision-makers who fit their ideal customer profile. Relevate is designed to make it easy to target the right prospects with the right message to improve conversions and sales and other relevant needs.


Contata designed a comprehensive CRM app that includes several features to help companies effectively manage their customer relationships. Some of these features include:

  • Space Management-Allows users to manage their contacts and content, and use it for different types of marketing.
  • Digital Marketing-Provide users with the ability to target their audience through emails, social media, and print media using our custom template design services.
  • Lead Management-Enable users to build targeted lists based on specific demographics (e.g. industry, company size, job title, seniority, etc.) and easily test different campaigns with different messages relevant to each list.
  • Payment Services-Offer flexibility in accepting payments through direct and subscription-based pricing.
  • Third-Party integration-Allow users to move leads and customers from other platforms to Relevate through automation.

Overall, it is designed to make it easy for companies to focus the right prospect, and grow their business.


  • Flexible and easy to use with multiple services accessible under one system.
  • Customizing editing for email and print features.
  • Offers a great balance of cost and quality which results in high customer satisfaction.
  • Enhancements can be made quickly and efficiently which allows for continuous improvement with minimal downtime


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