Product Engineering for a LegalTech Firm Looking to Find References Online

Product engineering to enable an online search option to search through and access large volumes of data

Category: Application Development


The client is a LegalTech firm and they envisioned to develop a product where their customers can partner with litigators, attorneys, court reporters & in-house litigation specialists in the business of providing an easy & advanced way of conducting the litigation process with minimum resources & fast appropriate results. Electronic discovery (e-discovery) is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation.


During the deposition, lawyer’s need to refer different cases and articles for asking the right question or in providing the facts. It is very difficult to keep all the references all the time available in hard copy during the deposition and search through it manually for the required information.


E-Discovery is a tool developed to provide these articles online and can be searched through various workspaces to get the exact result and in no time. In our product, we can create multiple workspaces and can select to work in any one of it at a time, we have further used different e-discovery search which includes operator search, semantic search, keyword search and fuzzy logic search that not only makes the entire process of document finding, data insight capturing and highlighting important facts easier but faster & interesting.

  • Easy multiple project management.
  • Increases data security.
  • Reduces human efforts.
  • Saves money.


  • By providing means to collect all your required data in different workspaces as per the need it not only ensures data safety but also helps in managing different projects under one roof without any confusion.
  • Only authorized & authentic user can access the data, files and workspaces that ensure privacy as well as data security.
  • Reduces human effort of searching the data insights, facts & figures by providing multiple advanced features of search that produce the data as per the need.
  • As an e-discovery database streamlines the entire technology stack starting from collection to production all in one database it helps in cutting costs.


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