Digital Transformation of an IP & Law firm Seeking a Solution to Automate Dynamic Form Creation

Digital transformation to automate repetitive, manual tasks for improved operational efficiency.

Category: Application Development


The client is one of the world’s largest IP firms practicing in all aspects of intellectual property law and consulting that includes patents, product licensing, trademarks, copyrights, and litigation. Over more than 60 years, client’s global presence has developed into more than 20 offices on all continents.


Customer wanted a software solution to automate dynamic form creation with standard feature which can be leveraged to create new dynamic input forms for capturing data from a wizard. As each implementation of the standard product can have different input form, customer sought a feature which can create input from on the fly instead of taking help from development team for creating form placeholders.

Solution to Automate Dynamic Form Creation

Form Builder is a software application that creates customizable, requirement-specific forms for unit needs. Form Builder admins have the capacity to maintain, edit, and redistribute their own forms. In Inventory Management System, form builder screen displays the complete list of the form which exist in the wizard. Through the form builder module, admin users can configure the input for a wizard.

  • Add a new form, edit the existing form, add new fields in the form, change the labels of the fields and other properties such as setting the maximum number of characters for the field, change the display order, make the form active or inactive, make the field active or inactive, and preview the invention wizard after making the changes.
  • Many other custom fields like textbox, radio button, checkbox, file upload, text area and date picker, etc. are present on the form builder screen so that the admin can use these fields according to the kind of form they want on the invention wizard.
  • Admin can also set the element properties of the fields according to the form requirements that are supposed to be built.


  • Form builder helps in the customization of forms to configure company details and other fields in the inventory which reduces the manual work for the user.
  • Adding custom dropdown list helps in adding the required options which is supposed to be displayed in the dropdown list while selection of the field values.
  • Setting element properties of the fields help in configuring the values for the custom fields.
  • Overall form builder helps in putting up a professional form within few minutes and additionally, user can also go with the option of creating the easy as well as seamlessly integrated systems into the current wizard without any kind of extraordinary hassle in the whole process.


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