Automation & Data Engineering Solutions for a Multi-State Litigation Law Firm

Data engineering to establish ETL pipelines for the effective movement of data from one location to another.

Category: Application Development


Our client, a multi-state litigation law firm with a strong presence in Minnesota, and additional offices in Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, Wisconsin, and California. They specialize in representing businesses in all aspects of litigation through the judgment collection phase. With deep connections to the top credit card companies and banks, the firm helps financial institutions and creditors effectively address financial challenges and acts as a reliable debt collection agency, assisting clients in recovering money owed on overdue accounts.


Our client has an intake (data ingestion) process, that was being managed with multiple separate utilities, in which the placement files get transformed, validated and ingested into a third-party risk profiling system. The third-party system generates demand letters from it. So, our client wants a unified solution where users are not required to trigger different utilities separately. Multiple utilities will be replaced by the automated system for the file transformation and validation process where users will be notified in case of any validation issues with reasons by email alerts.

SolutionAutomation & Data Engineering Solutions

Contata deeply undergoes the end user pain points and analyzes how different utilities are being used, what are the manual validation and the processes they follow for the intake process. After analyzing the situation, we proposed a Web-Based Automation & Data Engineering Solutions that works in five stages:

  • Load-Retrieve data from multiple flat files that can be located at different sources (email, FTP, etc.).
  • Extract-Interface to load files into the database.
  • Convert/Transform-Execute rules for mapping.
  • Validate-Validate the content type.
  • Enrich-Automatically add in any missing details and give people the option to edit them manually.

Apart from these core features, our Automation Solutions also provides additional features such as single sign-on, a scheduler for loading files periodically, a user-friendly interface for managing transformation rules, and email-based alerts for configurational issues. Contata streamlined the intake process completely, providing a superior customer experience with our top-tier solution.


  • Build an automated process to diminish the need for manual verification/adjustment.
  • Minimize the required amount of time of user for the supporting documentation and validating the demand letter.
  • Reduced operational expenditure.
  • Developing cutting-edge technologies and tools that significantly enhance performance and expand functionality.

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