Product Engineering Solution for an IP Service Company Looking for a Standard Product

Product Engineering for the development of a standard product with an option to customize modules on the go.

Category: Application Development


The client is one of the world’s largest IP service companies and with 20+ worldwide offices, the company offers IP strategy consulting, comprehensive IP management software, IP maintenance services and cutting-edge patent search and analytics tools.


Idea was to develop a standard product that can fulfil most of the customer’s needs, however, still there may be a requirement for specific customization in any module which cannot be considered as a standard product offering. In such cases, we had to think of a technical architecture and framework which supports easy customization of a standard product.

SolutionProduct Engineering Solution

We developed a product engineering solution with a specific architectural design that can override the specific feature of a module which customization and the same can be chosen while the deployment of the product instance. We call it ‘Custom Hooks’ which can be developed specifically to a customer’s need and while deploying of product to a specific customer, DevOps settings can select a specific hook to be deployed over the standard one.

We developed hooks for both back-end modules as well as front-end modules. It means even the UI/UX of a particular feature can be overridden/customized without impacting any other UI aspect of the application.


  • Quick turnaround time for deploying a customized version of the product.
  • Configurational changes could be done in a very less span of time, this saves a lot of time and extra work.
  • Pluggable hooks design makes the overall architecture of the application DevOps friendly.
  • When the products are based on customer-specific requirements the product stands out of the repetitive competition from the market.


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