Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands across the globe. Know how Contata helped companies drive more value to their businesses with top-notch Data Science, App Development, and Marketing solutions.


Automation & Data Engineering Solutions for a Multi-State Litigation Law Firm

Data engineering to establish ETL pipelines for the effective movement of data from one location to another.

Product Engineering Solution for an IP Service Company Looking for a Standard Product

Product Engineering for the development of a standard product with an option to customize modules on the go.

Workflow Customization / Reconfiguration Solution for an IP Law & Consulting Firm

Workflow management to efficiently define, set up, and monitor operational activities.

Enhancing the Analysis of Well-Logs through Digitization for an Oil & Gas Company

Well-log digitization converts paper-based well-log documents into workable datasets for quick and easy analysis.

Unraveling Offshore Development Center for a Logistics Management Software Company

Setting up an offshore development
center to meet diverse business requirements of supply chain management.

Revamping Energy Pipeline Supply Chain for an Energy Transportation Solutions Supplier

A comprehensive pipeline management solution for suppliers to integrate all important stages of energy transportation.