Revolutionizing Email Marketing: Supercharge your Email Campaigns with LLMs
Contata September 26, 2023

Talking about email marketing in particular, creating engaging and valuable content that resonates with recipients is crucial. With the abundance of emails received daily, getting noticed in a crowded inbox can be challenging, leading to lower open rates.

How AI is Transforming the Retail Customer’s Journey?
Contata June 27, 2023

Deploying analytics and intelligent automation capabilities on data enables retailers to obtain actionable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and purchase patterns. Based on these insights, businesses can make informed, strategic decisions to improve customer interaction and marketing.

Beyond the Boom: How to Manage the Boomer Market Dynamics
Contata May 26, 2023

Look at a business-oriented social media space like LinkedIn today and you’ll see a lot of posts about Boomers retiring and what it means for corporate leadership, Gen Z and Millennial work trends, and even the occasional bit on the housing market. But beyond aging into retirement as a workforce consideration, the generational change around Boomers is causing a seismic shift in consumer markets that you might be ill prepared for.