Worbix is Contata’s own multi-purpose, flexible, enterprise-grade portal with company-wide collaboration platform capabilities.

  • Support for Workspaces

    Worbix supports hierarchical workspaces. Each workspace can be configured to only include features that are relevant to a particular workspace.

  • Document Management System

    The portal offers full-fledged document management system capabilities allowing documents to be stored in a centralized location for easy sharing and collaboration.

  • Calendar Support

    Supports workspace-level and global calendars with iCal support and bi-directional syncing with external calendars.

  • Smartphone Apps

    The portal’s functionalities are also available on various mobile devices for iOS and Android platforms.

  • Robust Security Mechanisms

    Refined security capabilities with the ability to configure highly granular roles and security groups.

  • Member Groups

    Users can import contacts, assign them to member groups and be assured that the appropriate content and campaigns reach the right people.