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When you starting a company you are thinking on how to cut expenses. One of such options to cut the startup costs is a company logo design. But is it good idea to order a cheap logo or work without company logo at all?

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Data Sciences

Make your business data-driven...

Your data contains valuable information … but only when cleaned and integrated into a repository ready to be mined for intelligence and insights. We at Contata can help aggregate your data in from various sources, transforming and cleaning it in the process, so it offers an integrated 360 degree view of your organization. Reporting and machine learning tools can then be layered on this to glean diagnostic and prescriptive insights to drive improvements in your business.

Technologies: AWS, Azure, PowerBI

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Data Strategy Consulting

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Data Engineering

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Reporting & BI Systems

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Machine Learning Models

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Analytics Dashboards

Enable different groups in your organization to monitor their performance, diagnose issues and interact to solve them.

Business Intelligence, Dashboards

Machine Learning Models

Drive your organization towards specific outcomes with approaches prescribed by Machine Learning and AI models trained on your data.

Machine Learning, regression, clustering, Neural Networks

Campaign Optimization

Optimize your marketing campaigns with models that select the best prospects as well as the best messages and offers for each.

Content Personalization, Offer optimization, Message Sequencing

Customer Analytics

Understand your customers and serve their individual needs to enhance interactions and lifetime-value.

Lifetime value, Churn analysis, Offer analysis

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Images and Speech

Process media items containing images and sound automatically, to decipher flavor and content, for use in downstream applications.

Object recognition, image classification, speech transcription

Document Processing

Process text documents to automatically extract meaningful information and enable powerful searches.

Document classification, document search, information extraction

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Applications Development

Partner with us to build re-imagined business and consumer apps

Whether you are building a new application for your business or for consumers our team can help with all aspects of the development and deployment process. Lean on us for all or any of the following services to help bring your vision to reality:

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Requirements Analysis & Roadmap

We can help analyze and document processes and requirements for your applications, and help chart out an agile roadmap towards staged deployment for your stakeholders.

UI/UX Support

Work with our experts to create wireframe mockups as well as finished screen designs to lay out exactly how your apps will work towards achieving the key goals.

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App Development

Whether it is a new product that you are developing, or an existing app that you are revamping, you can utilize our team of software experts for staged development and deployment of your app either for on-prem or cloud deployment.

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QA Services

Utilize our experts in quality assurance processes, to provide the best mix of manual and automated testing of your software application

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Maintenance and Support

Leave the ongoing process of monitoring a deployed application and providing ongoing enhancement releases to our team, freeing up your valued resources for other business critical work.


Process Automation

Formalize your processes and deploy them on cloud platforms for automated triggering and tracking to completion.

Azure Functions, AWS step functions, Workflow, Rules engine

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Cloud Migration

Move your data and business systems to the cloud … engineering modularity, reliability and scalability in the process.

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New Product Development

Take your products from concept to reality with the team of experts who can assist in all phases of the new-product lifecycle.


Team Augmentation

Round out your team of business and technical experts, with software development and QA resources who work as dedicated long-terms members of your team.

QA Automation

Utilize our expertise in building automated QA-suites to test and keep your software always compliant with its functional goals.

Selenium, etc.

The Contata Advantage

Everything you need to bring your product ideas to reality

From apps and secure portals, to data marts and machine learning algorithms, Contata can provide the complete range of services to bring your products to life - products that are built on the latest technologies, incorporate the best of UI/UX, and incorporate flexible mix of human and machine intelligence.

Team Based Engagements

We work with you as your long-term development partner, managing and maintaining a dedicated team as your virtual employees.

Project Engagements

We can work on time and budget limited projects with an agile approach, starting from visioning to planning, delivery and support.

Process Driven Services

We pride ourselves in the processes that we use to guide each phase of our engagements … from discovery to delivery.

Business Analysis, Discovery process, Scrum, Agile development

Trusted Partners in achieving excellence

With offices in Minneapolis, MN and locations in India we strive to be the best partners for our client organizations. We can work with business people, product managers, project managers, architects, or developers in your team, and fill in any and all of the roles in the product development and delivery cycles, in the most cost effective manner possible.