Terminal Inventory Analytics

Terminal Inventory Analytics is a platform that provides pre-built code, sample data, and a framework to kickstart your journey to a dynamic reporting solution.

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Oil and Gas companies often find it difficult to track

  • The availability of docks and berths to hold barges, vessels, and tankers.
  • The availability and capacity of fuel storage tanks in terminals to store bulk materials.
  • Nominations containing important shipping details, such as the destination, time of cargo delivery, and the volume of the material/s to be transported or stored.
  • Using spreadsheets or legacy systems can miss out on a short-term leasing opportunity.

Failing to meet the above-mentioned requirements can mean lost opportunities for Oil and Gas companies, particularly when the demand is high. An advanced monitoring and reporting system can help avoid downtime and be more productive.

Optimize storage capacity, streamline planning, and enhance operational efficiency.

This accelerator will ingest customer orders, initial tank inventory, and sales/demand data. With advanced analytics capabilities and customizable reporting features, informed decisions are made to minimize losses, reduce downtime, and maximize profitability.

This platform delivers real-time insights, a customizable multi-dimensional dashboard and predictive analytics to help:

  • Avoid or reduce waiting time for ships/tankers requiring berth at docks.
  • Track inventory level of storage tanks in real-time with instant alerts.
  • Increase berth productivity by reducing the total service time and delayed departure for tankers and barges.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and total emission for vessels in transit to the next port.
  • Ensure accurate and timely shipper nominations to prevent costly mistakes.
  • Visualize a tank’s future availability on the day of planning, enabling them to determine the fastest and most efficient way to secure a rental tank.

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