We offer a free, comprehensive health-check of your SharePoint infrastructure. During this on-site SharePoint architecture review, we will:

  • Evaluate high level architecture and server roles.
  • Review hardware and current traction on environment.
  • Ensure current patch levels, windows updates, and potential future update application automation.
  • Ensure both SQL and SharePoint role member scalability and performance.
  • Perform a comprehensive security review at both the SharePoint application and IIS web server level.
  • Ensure functionality of SharePoint roles on web, app, and database servers.
  • Document any outstanding server maintenance tasks.
  • For any comprehensively used SharePoint service applications, such as Search or Managed Metadata, ensure optimal configuration.
  • Review SoPs revolving around SharePoint, such as backup and restore.
  • Determine correctness of access configuration and entry points such as IIS bindings and Alternative Access Mapping.
  • Assess network security measures outside of SharePoint, concentrating on on-the-wire security measures such as firewalls and AV solutions.

Our health-check covers architecture, scalability, governance, optimal configuration of your SharePoint components, security assessment, backup process review, review of server maintenance schedules and tasks and more:

  • SharePoint 2013 Apps (auto, provider, and SharePoint hosted) and hybrid app parts
  • Custom Web Parts – client (Office 365) and regular
  • Branding solutions
  • Timers and Scheduled Jobs
  • Workflows and Event Receivers
  • Content Types
  • Custom List Storage, Display, and Provisioning
  • Infopath Forms Services / Custom Infopath forms / Infopath add-ins
  • Excel Services / Excel client add-ins and templates
  • Search Configurators / Fast Search extensions
  • Client Applications

If you are having functionality or performance problems, or just want to ensure the scalability or maintainability of your SharePoint applications, our experts will review your existing SharePoint code base and provide a comprehensive report on issues and remediation measures.

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