Oil & Gas Analytics

Advanced analytics in Oil & Gas and explore use cases and perspectives

Upstream Analytics

  • Exploration and Drilling Analytics
  • Seismic Imaging Analytics
  • Production Planning and Forecasting Analytics
  • Workforce Management Analytics
  • Asset Performance Analytics

Downstream Analytics

  • Demand Forecasting For Refining
  • Price Volatility Predictions
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Productivity Maximization
  • Downtime scheduling
  • Vendor Spend Analysis
  • SCADA Data Analytics

Midstream Analytics

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring
  • pipeline integrity and safety
  • Transportation fuel cost management,
  • Smart pressure monitoring,
  • Supply forecasting,
  • Demand forecasting,

Customer Analytics

  • Customer and market behavior, sentiment analysis.
  • Predictive analytics for marketing actions
  • Segmentation & Analytics
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Social Media Solution

Advanced analytics in Oil and Gas

Explore use cases and perspectives

Machine intelligence represents the next chapter in the oil and gas advanced analytics journey. Cognitive systems employ technology and algorithms to automatically extract concepts and relationships from oil and gas big data and "understand" their meaning, learn independently from data patterns and prior experience, and extend what either humans or machines could do on their own.