Contata develops Customer Profile and Churn Model

Contata has had great success in recent months building high performing customer profiles for our clients.  We have been able to predict churn, specifically using indicators to alert when a customer may be unhappy or leaving.  Traditionally, this information can be taken from Salesforce, for instance, analyzed, and fed back into the Salesforce interface with […]

Contata announces the availability of the Worbix Analytics Platform

Contata Solutions announces the availability of the Worbix Analytics Platform to support its Customer Intelligence Service. The platform incorporates the company’s national business and consumer databases, model building and testing tools, machine learning, and customer data visualization and presentation services. The platform is supporting customer intelligence projects in the real estate, insurance, distribution and home […]

Contata Releases Distributed Marketing Platform

Worbix provides a multi-channel distributed marketing system. Distributed Marketing refers to the process of creating market campaigns that are sent out on behalf of a group of related businesses to their respective consumer lists, with content customized for each business. Worbix Distributed Marketing System module would be of benefit to any Distributed Business – one […]

Contata Releases News Monitoring System

Contata has deployed new alerts service within its Worbix CRM system. The system allows users to define alerts from their favorite sources – or all of news. It then monitors over 300K news sources, to process and deliver news items as per preferences for each user. Worbix users use the service to track news about […]

Contata Solutions & Hanifin Loyalty announce alliance

Contata Solutions and Hanifin Loyalty, a recognized provider of customer loyalty consulting services, agreed today to formally leverage and promote each other’s capabilities into the Customer Loyalty market. Hanifin Loyalty is also the force behind,  one of the most influential and highly-regarded blogs in the customer loyalty space. The alliance brings together two distinct, yet […]