Contata’s workforce consists of highly skilled technology professionals having many years of experience in diverse technology and business domains. It is our constant endeavor to recruit and retain the best available talent in the industry. We provide a congenial work environment, comprehensive benefits, awards and recognitions, and ample growth opportunities. Some of the initiatives we have taken to build and nurture a talented resource pool are:

Rewards & Recognition 

Contata offers an array of rewards and recognitions to motivate and incentivize its employees. Awards are conferred for outstanding performances for individuals and teams, persons displaying exceptional leadership qualities, top performer of year etc. These awards always encourage our employees to bring the best out of them in their quest for excellence.

Learning and Development

Devising a career path for employees may not be a de rigueur in the corporate world, but it definitely is an imperative tool to transform employee potential into greater organizational productivity. Keeping employees isolated from a definite direction   directly impacts the potential & productivity of an organization. Committed to provide wings to employee aspirations, we improvise a well-defined growth path for our employees.

While providing a sharp growth curve to individuals capable of handling greater responsibilities, we artistically align employee aspirations with our business goals. Our career management framework is formulated to take individual strengths into account to bridge the gap between employees’ work responsibilities & career goals. For individuals with exemplary potential, sky is the limit at Contata. We have also created space for employees to regularly sharing and enhance their knowledge through knowledge sharing interactive session, which are part of our regular people development framework.

Recreational Facilities 
At Contata, we encourage our employees to indulge in various recreational activities and pursue their common interests and hobbies. Our various employee-friendly initiatives are aimed to provide a work environment that accommodates different needs and aspirations of an employee. We provide all necessary support and facilitation to help employees lead a stress-free and balanced professional and personal life. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Indoor / outdoor sport tournaments, excursions, competitions, quizzes, etc.
  • Communication forums to exchange ideas and thoughts, and voice opinions and insights
  • Cultural events to hone and display their creative skills and talents

Talent Management 

Contata employs the best talent management processes to:

  • Recruit the best people and develop and leverage their skills
  • Provide technical trainings and soft-skill workshops
  • Career development planning
  • Retain top performers through performance-based incentives

Employee Speak

“At Contata, each day offers new challenges for me to learn, experiment and grow. Hard work and dedication never go unnoticed here, and these directly translate to career growth and rewards. I feel the work atmosphere here is pleasant and congenial enough to keep me happy and vibrant. Responsibilities are there, but I also get the necessary bandwidth to take care of my family matters.”

System Analyst

“The best part of being a Contata employee is that it offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally. I have been with the company since 2005 and the journey so far has given me the confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence. I’m proud of being part of the Contata family.”

Technical Lead Analyst

“I believe Contata is an organization that has the right blend of professionals working on some great customer-friendly processes. As an individual, I can see a clear growth path defined for each employee. Moreover, large number of people working here for so many years speaks of Contata’s excellent working environment”.

Test Lead Analyst

“There have been enough opportunities and challenges to keep me motivated throughout my 6+ years of stay in this organization. Everyone gets a fair chance to contribute and apply themselves on the projects. The best part of this organization is its culture that nurtures and considers each and every employee as part of the family. As a manager, I get an opportunity to learn and explore each and every dimension of business right from pre-sales to implementation stages.”

Project Manager