With products and solutions running 24/7, a minor technical glitch or downtime can cause major business loss. This is why Contata Solutions offer around-the-clock support to diagnose and resolve issues as well as guide your team during the situation.

Our Range of Product Support Services

Support service is vital for optimum performance of any product. Contata’s all-inclusive product support service ensures you are never alone in the time of crises. We cover a wide range of product support requirements, including:

  • Technology support
  • Performance support
  • Customer support handbook

Technology Support

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, there’s either a new version or security update release every fortnight. Our experts keep a track of these updates and incorporate them into your product – after due consultation with your team – to make sure it remains optimum at all time. The team keeps a check on:

  • Platform update
  • Software update
  • Security update

Performance Support

Our experts always aim for products’ glitch-free performance; however, there are incidents when the product is responding with a delay or there’s a downtime. To restore the product in no time, we:

  • Analyse the host server
  • Install any security or technology update
  • Test the code for a break or loop

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