Contata has team of Retail software experts along with MS & Ph.D. level resources in consumer engagement analytics making ourselves as one stop solution provider in Omnichannel Retail software & Analytics domain.

Omni Channel Retailing

Contata Solutions set up your organization in such a way that you can take advantage of the promising era of omnichannel business. We help you build a successful omnichannel strategy with five key components:

  • Accurate analysis of both the digital and physical space to make sure their smooth convergence.
  • A customized approach towards BI to the analysis of products and supply chain
  • Optimized Product & price management through complex data modelling.
  • Based on past experince, Diversified sales approach & demand forecasting from Consumer segmentation.
  • Timely online information delivered to the customers by profound web development services.

Retail Analytics

Contata solutions offers analytic tool development & support for comprehensive data analysis and on-demand reporting. Contata Solutions helps its Customers to get valuable benefits by offering a number of BI services which significantly covers data analysis and provide a detailed and consolidated report for retail.

  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Price Optimization
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Fraud Detection

Retail ERP System Modules

  • Merchandise Management
  • Supply Process Management
  • Financial Management
  • Store Operations Management

Loyalty Program Analytics

Implementing customer retention strategies through СRM-powered management of loyalty schemes across all the channels like in-store, web and mobile etc.

  • Customer Account Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Flexible Rewards Systems
  • Mobile Loyalty personalize offers

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics unlocks the real-time insights from information present in the varied social media platforms. It Captures unstructured information from different social media platforms and implementing the data to give a better shape for marketing, sales and merchandising.

Social media analytics provides understanding of:

  • Customer sentiment
  • Social behavior
  • Analyze unstructured data

Lifetime Value Prediction

We have developed lifetime value (LTV) models in several B2C industries ranging from restaurants to hotels and cruise lines.  Retail lifetime value calculations begin with common concepts such as recency and frequency as the value of the purchase.  More sophisticated approaches that we have implemented include:

  • Increasing or decreasing trends of the value of the purchase
  • Incorporating the predictive power of demographic, psychographic, socio-economic and geographic factors
  • Including look-alike models that examine customers that have a similar purchase history then evolved over time
  • Factoring in the probability that a customer is still your customer and has not attrited, given the length of time since last purchase (the opposite of the typical recency approach)
  • Assessing a customer’s “relationship strength”, which is a measure of how psychologically committed customers are via axes such as a belief that the company’s brand attributes have objectives that are aligned with the objectives of the customer.

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