Contata employs reverse engineering to optimize the products’ performance by adding new functionalities and integrating emerging technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud. Our product re-engineering service can help you augment the capabilities of your and keep pace with the competitors.

Our Product Re-engineering Services

Our range of product re-engineering services can give your software product, which has served you well over the years, a new lease of life at a fraction of a cost.

Product Re-engineering Analysis

Our experts with their in-depth knowledge analyse the project need, which is reengineering possibilities, and prepare a feasibility study to conclude whether re-engineering is really needed. Product re-engineering analysis focuses on:

  • Current and past performance of the solution
  • Understanding the need for re-engineering
  • Feasibility of the proposed re-engineering need
  • Finding ways to allocate the necessary resources

Re-engineering Requirement Gathering

Our experts along with your product management team work together to document all the product re-engineering requirements. The documentation in a way freezes the analysis and related studies while paving a working plan for all the necessary modifications and specifications for additional modules. The document contains:

  • The complete re-engineering plan
  • Integration of current modules and plan of additional modules
  • Description of system architecture
  • Detailed source code

Re-engineering Strategy Implementation

During the implementation stage, we go over the proposed system specification, architecture model and coding style for details such as the revamped menu, features and additional modules. Throughout the process, we:

  • Perform exhaustive inspection of the code for any bug or other problems
  • Focus on delivering the solution in the shortest possible time
  • Improve the overall performance of the product

Product Testing

We exhaustively test/ verify the re-engineered product to ensure optimum performance of all the modules and that no unexpected conditions crop up when it goes live. Thanks to our comprehensive product testing service, you can be assured of:

  • Glitch-free product performance
  • Lower operational expense
  • Faster response time

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