Contata has excellent demonstrable experience in Predictive Analytics, which is differentiated from past data ‘yesterday’ analysis. Our data scientists and Machine learning algorithm experts have delivered numerous machine learning based predictive models for scoring & forecasting to different industry clients.

Our rich experience in this segment can help clients

  • Find segment for customer for special action,
  • Give actionable intelligence based on Predictive score,
  • Create a viable decision support system for an organization’s area of interest,
  • Use our collective experience in segments like finance, insurance, text mining, geo sciences, sales & marketing, etc.
  • Use our predictive data modelling skills and experience to define the right model and set of predictors,
  • Look at past data like transaction logs, buying behaviour, demography, etc.
  • Leverage our technology expertise in big data mining, data warehouse, statistical, machine learning, modelling, search and visualization tool & techniques.
  • Regression (Estimation) based on past history
  • Attribute based prediction
  • Clustering to find naturally occurring groups & several other use cases based on specific industry scenarios.

Predictive - Prescriptive Models

  • Data-set creation
    • Leverage data engineering team
    • Impute missing value, identify key features, correlations
  • Model creation
    • Building using variety of methods to find best fit
    • Test against different control sets in the data

  • Deployment
    • Integrate output into target systems
    • Engineer test cases to help make model more robust
  • Model refresh
    • Utilize latest data to rebuild model
    • Create further test cases for model robustness

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