About Project

This is a Data Warehouse project for a real estate company. The project aims to provide customer with the prospective customer which may be wiling to buy or sell real estate properties. This is provided based on the existing data present with the customer.

The solution was created using Power BI as front end and Azure SQL database as backend. Logic Apps are used for
automation i.e. moving of files from Client FTP to Azure server.

Project Features

The created report provides the customer with list of prospects based on different categories. It also display
the time for which the property to be sold has been acquired and the salary range of the customer which
are interested in buying and selling of real estate property.


  • Easier decision making in terms of which lead or prospect to target
  • Higher conversion ratio of leads converting to customer
  • Based on Propensity score analysis top ten percentile of the population is sent to client as prospects