About Project

This is a web application project based on IP domain. The project provides customized workflow process and dynamic invention submission forms. Using this application, the user can get their idea reviewed by the review
committee member and get knowledge whether the idea should be approved for filling patent or not.

The solution was created using ASP.Net , Web API, Entity framework, Angular6 as front end and SQL Server 2008 as back-end. C1 reporting tool and Google Charts were also used to enhance the project.

Project Features

The application includes a configurable review process (workflow) so that, workflow can be modified as per
customer’s review process. Additionally, application has provision of creating customized idea (invention)
submission forms where customer can add new form in invention wizard or modified existing questionnaire.


  • Customizable workflow and form helped customer to reduce rework.
  • It also helped client to maintain a single product with ability to add customized feature for every new customers with minimum changes/maintenance overhead.