About Project

The project is a web based one stop application for any information related to any Patents filed in around the world. It provides features such as comprehensive search, Patent Profile, PAIR data, analytic on various aspects of Patents, Inventors, Owners, technology data, creation of portfolios, and comparisons of multiple patents..

The solution was created using Java, JSF Framework, Spring, Hibernate, jQuery and MySQL as back-end..

Project Features

  • It Provides complete representation of data of all the patents added in a particular portfolio.
  • Provides graphs and charts to perform analytic on various aspects of Patents’ data
  • Everything about a patent like Title, Abstract, Claims, Family, Owners, Classifications, Inventors, Citations,
    Publications, PAIR data can be viewed from this space


  • One stop solution to all kinds of analytic related to Patents and all the information there can be regarding those patents.
  • Comparisons of different patents of respective owners based on technologies.
  • Easy and secure payments of renewals and forecasting about future payments and savings.