About Project

The project allows pipeline companies to plan the operations for an oil pipeline system. The user inputs a list of oil product “batches” that they plan to inject into the pipeline. Scheduler then simulate these injection operations and alert the scheduler if it foresees any issues..

The solution is created using C# and Windows Presentation foundation(WPF). DevExpress is used for reporting and
charting. Also Managed Extensibility Framework(MEF) is used for making the application plug and play.

Project Features

The application provides customer with the simulation of the flow of products in pipeline which help to cater major issues like excess and shortfall. Also the reports provided displays injection start/end times for each batch at each supply location.


  • Client now need not to worry about their day to day stock planning for both Pipelines and terminal
    tanks. The application smoothly integrate with field systems like SCADA which gives users end to end
    automated solutions.
  • Users are very efficiently managing their production demands & supply scenarios which were too
    complex to manage using excel spreadsheets.