About Project

This is a data analytics project for Healthcare Firm. The project provides reporting dashboard where user can check the cost profitability of campaigns based of franchisee level and corporate level. It also provides daily updated mail tracker dashboard to keep check on the campaign delivery rate.

The solution was created using Power BI as front end and Azure SQL database as backend. Logic Apps is used for automation i.e. moving of files from Client FTP to Azure server.

Project Features

The created report provides the customer with separate dashboard for each franchisee to track the performance of the campaign sent out. This report also consists of daily Mail Tracker Dashboard which is updated daily to check the count of the campaigns delivered successfully to their customers.


  • Machine Learning algorithms (MLM) are performing better than the third party which earlier used to provide prospective customer list each month. Hence more Franchise are subscribing for MLM.
  • It’s easier to track and compare between campaigns.