About Project

The project aims for better UX for engine test cell by providing a WYSIWYG editor. The engine test cell solution covers facility design, builds and upgrades for all propulsion engine types. With the help of WYSIWYG editor user can get the real time readings of the parameters being used in aircraft testing.

The solution was created using powerful UI/UX tools such as Electron, Node.js, Autobahn|JS, WebSocket, OOJS, JS, CSS3, HTML5, Flexbox.

Project Features

The designed editor has all the features of modern editor like: workspace, designing pages, theme, layers, group functionalities, line chart, industrial widgets and other different types of custom shapes.


  • Run time color coded dashboards to understand the risk status of each component.
  • Editor with flexible look and feel controls (WYSIWYG).
  • Back end integration with test cell ensuring minimum time lag in receiving parameter values.