Contata’s onsite implementation & training service suite ensures integration and implementation of the product throughout the organization along with comprehensive training of the staff. Our experts with the first-hand experience of the solution and technology can empower your team with appropriate knowledge of the solution and associated technologies for seamless operation.

Our Range of Onsite Implementation & Training

Our team works with you on multiple levels of product implementation and training. We not only help your team get familiar with the solution before it goes live but also supports them with the products’ performance and functionality post-implementation.

Product Documentation

We prepare all the necessary product documents from release notes to user manuals to technology guide for users and admins. The product documents empower your team and users with the knowledge about:

  • Process flow
  • Installation guide
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Server environments and technology stack

Training and Transition

We organize training sessions for both onsite and offsite staff to help them get familiar with their roles and functionality of the product. Our role doesn’t end there, we even train-the-trainer and system administrators so that they can further train the resources as and when required. Through training and transition service, we cover:

  • Product training
  • Technology training
  • Resource transition plan

On-Going Support

Apart from impeccable products and solution, Contata is also known for its comprehensive support for the solution. From technical glitches to performance hiccups, our experts are always available to resolve your problems. Our on-going support is available for:

  • Database troubles
  • Software glitches
  • Performance delays

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