Contata has deep industry expertise, dedicated offshore development center with special focus on Oil & Gas industry-driven best practices and methodologies. We can be a trustworthy information technology development and implementation partner to businesses catering to this domain.

Oil & Gas Automation Services

  • Well Log Digitization: Log Scanning, Analysis, Normalization, Graph Data calculation, Digitization of analogous graphs & more.
  • Integration of all stages of an energy pipeline supply chain—from nomination (placing an order), Inventory, Scheduling to billing, invoicing and beyond.
  • Comprehensive solution for customizable Workflow management.
  • Complete QA/Testing solutions including Regression testing, Security /Compatibility testing, Functional automation testing, Performance testing using customer database & others.
  • Data Analytics/reporting solutions such as Well site daily reporting, Shipper balance report, Contracts report, Terminal balance report, Client detail credit report, & custom reporting.

Oil & Gas Analytics Services

  • Upstream Analytics
    • Exploration and Drilling Analytics
    • Seismic Imaging Analytics
    • Production Planning and Forecasting Analytics
    • Workforce Management Analytics
    • Asset Performance Analytics
  • Midstream Analytics
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring
    • pipeline integrity and safety
    • Transportation fuel cost management,
    • Smart pressure monitoring,
    • Supply forecasting,
    • Demand forecasting,

  • Downstream Analytics
    • Demand Forecasting For Refining
    • Price Volatility Predictions
    • Interactive Dashboards
    • Productivity Maximization
    • Downtime scheduling
    • Vendor Spend Analysis
    • SCADA Data Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
    • Customer and market behavior, sentiment analysis.
    • Predictive analytics for marketing actions
    • Segmentation & Analytics
    • Customer Loyalty
    • Social Media Solution

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