Contata helps you realise the opportunity to provide truly cutting-edge products that are highly functional with shorter time-to-market. Our team of next-gen technology specialists been developing, growing and supporting products for digital startups and billion-dollar juggernauts alike.

Offshore Product Development Team

Win your customers and maintain a competitive edge with Contata. We ensure high-quality products with lower time-to-market and at lower cost-to-market. Product development consists of four primary stages:

  • Conceptualization
  • Strategy
  • Manufacturing
  • Management

Product Conceptualization

Evolving technologies and customer demands result in challenging yet exciting opportunities for companies. Our team of experts brainstorm with your product development ideas to understand the best-suited technologies and processes necessary to turn the idea into reality. Since the idea is in the nascent stage, we:

  • Document the specification and requirement
  • Study the feasibility of the concept
  • Understand its impact on customers’ demand
  • Realise the future readiness of the solution

Product Development Strategy

After conceptualizing the product, our experts prepare a product development strategy that would meet the changing market demands while ensuring it caters to customers’ demands, timeline, and the sanctioned budget. While preparing the strategy, we note the:

  • Feasible next-gen technologies
  • Delivery capabilities of the product
  • Technology partners
  • Flexibility and scalability of the solution

Product Manufacturing

Our team of adept designers and developers bring the concept to life by creating beautiful design and developing or assembling the product. Their motive is to deliver the product fast without compromising on the quality. The team pays attention that the:

  • Product design completely adheres to the business requirement
  • User interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly
  • Solution offers seamless, intuitive and consistent performance
  • Universal designing and development compliances are met

Product Lifecycle Management

From product conceptualization to development to deployment, Contata comprehensively manages the entire product lifecycle. We take matters in our hand so that you can focus on other critical business operations. Our comprehensive product lifecycle management helps you:

  • Lower compliance risk
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Enhance product quality
  • Increase productivity

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