Contata offers comprehensive Data Engineering & Management services including integrating data from different sources, building data marts to drive reporting & predictive analytics for actionable insights along with several other Data intelligence possibilities.

  • Data Warehousing & management
  • Data Restructuring for
    • Providing single source of truth
    • Ease of access and reporting
    • HIPPA compliance
    • PCI compliance
    • PII data separation
  • Database re-engineering and upgrade
    • Data portfolio rationalization
    • Lift/Shift to cloud
  • Master data management
  • Data security and masking

  • Data quality metrics and evaluation
  • Data retention and archiving
  • Flexible rules definition system
  • Robust data governance definition and implementation
  • Data Cleansing & Enrichment

  • Third party data API based evaluation
    • Address verification and standardization
    • Phone verification and validation
    • Name data quality check and prompting for corrections
    • Correctness of PII data quality

Exploration & Discovery

Contata provides a full spectrum of data exploration and discovery services that includes data gathering, data discovery, data extracting, data merging, and Small and Big Data technologies.

Text & Knowledge Mining

Analyzing large number of documents to determine topics that the documents relate to and also group / classify documents. This can be used for knowledge discovery, as well as similar or outlier-document analysis.

Dashboard & Portals

Contata builds secure portal solutions for a variety of workflows – including dashboards for analytics. We integrate data, workflows, and insights with 3rd-party applications, web-based or in-house dashboards and portals supplemented with rich visualization using JavaScript.

Enterprise Search

Contata’s enterprise search capabilities help organizations to search through voluminous and unstructured data to derive meaningful results for their business needs.

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