Our associates work with us for longer term compared to industry averages. They become a part of Contata team and provide their best value to our clients. Our company culture and policies promote excellence in the following manner:

  • Exposure and learning to work with the latest in development technologies
  • Output and performance-based career growth opportunities
  • Transparent work culture
  • Flexible working which helps in ensuring a good quality work-home life balance
  • Guidance and mentoring to develop key leadership skills

Current Openings

We are currently seeking to fill several positions in all 3 areas (Microsoft/.NET, Java/Open-source and QA) for our Software Engineering Group in Noida (New Delhi NCR).


Contata offers its employees excellent opportunities to work in leading tools and technologies. Our technical expertise spans across the traditional technology stack (.NET, Java & Testing) to emerging technologies like Social Media, Mobility, Big Data and Analytics.


Contata’s workforce consists of highly skilled technology professionals having many years of experience in diverse technology and business domains.

Employee speak:

“There have been enough opportunities and challenges to keep me motivated throughout my 6+ years of stay in this organization. Everyone gets a fair chance to contribute and apply themselves on the projects. The best part of this organization is its culture that nurtures and considers each and every employee as part of the family. As a manager, I get an opportunity to learn and explore each and every dimension of business right from pre-sales to implementation stages.”
“The best part of being a Contata employee is that it offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally. I have been with the company since 2005 and the journey so far has given me the confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence. I’m proud of being part of the Contata family.”
“At Contata, each day offers new challenges for me to learn, experiment and grow. Hard work and dedication never go unnoticed here, and they directly translate to career growth and rewards. I feel the work atmosphere here is pleasant and congenial enough to keep me happy and vibrant. Responsibilities are there, but I also get the necessary bandwidth to take care of my family matters.”
“I believe Contata is an organization that has the right blend of professionals working on some great customer-friendly processes. As an individual, I can see a clear growth path defined for each employee. Moreover, large number of people working here for so many years speaks of Contata’s excellent working environment.”

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