BI & Analytics team at Contata have been continuously delivering BI solutions for clients across different verticals ranging from “Oil and Gas”, “Retail”, “Real Estate”, “Intellectual Property” to “Healthcare”, “Utility” among others through the precise usage of technology,  predictive modeling and advanced statistics to focus past/present moment of data, and evaluate what will happen in the future, for decision makers & other stakeholders.

We provide strategic services based on our defined framework, to assess your level of readiness, and guide you to develop, manage and execute Business Intelligence efficiently.

Our BI & Analytics services include:

  • Interactive Data Exploration & Data Discovery: Contata’s business intelligence (BI) solutions, provides better reports and defined models are created and managed by BI Experts centrally. Extensively experienced data scientists or data analysts in Contata, explored data in an interactive way and apply analytical techniques & statistical models to find data trends and patterns.
  • Text & Knowledge Mining: Text Mining is crucial at the stage of mining. Algorithm writers writes Algorithm for the processing & extracting meaningful information from text, “Text Mining” is intended to explore relationships among objects generally stored in Unstructured format.

  • Data Warehouse: Collecting and bringing voluminous data at a single place that is a core practice by all the businesses. This kind of task can be automated and completed within minutes while manual practice for the same work may take hours.
  • Data visualization: Good visualization of your business data provides a quick access to it. Here, you can use pie charts, bar graphs, images, smart arts, infographic etc for a good visualization of your business.
  • Executive Dashboards: The meaningful data visualizations compiled earlier that can help in taking a meaningful decision is termed as executive dashboards. They are popular to organize highly relevant information in less space as needed by the enterprises. The end user just needs a quick glance on the executive dashboard to get complete information about your business.
  • Enterprise Search: Enterprise search includes the search that takes both structured and unstructured data files from or multiple databases in an organization. Every growing business using multiple databases, connecting everything together makes locating files and information effortless.

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