Data that impacts your business is spread across a variety of locations including desktop systems, internal servers and external sites. Further, the format this data exists in ranges from unstructured text documents and semi-structured XML files, to highly structured database records. Bringing together all of this data and extracting actionable insights from them is challenging, but essential for a complete 360 view of your business.

Traditional solutions for accomplishing such integration include approaches such as data-virtualization and data-warehousing. These have been augmented more recently with class of technologies referred to generally as NoSQL databases, with a range of benefits including flexibility, scalability and rapid deployment.

Whatever the complexity of your data may be, Contata can help choose the right technologies for your specific problem and create integrated repositories for fast search and retrieval of information. Further, with leading semantic analysis, such repositories can be enriched with metadata, leading to searches that are more intuitive and precise.

Enterprise Data Management Services offered by Contata utilize NoSQL technologies such as MarkLogic and Hadoop, and include:

  • Data integration and aggregation
  • Document management
  • Ontology and taxonomy management
  • Metadata catalog solutions
  • Data analytics