Retaining customers is a lot less expensive than acquiring new ones, especially if the life-time value of your customers is high. Our analytics offering helps you determine key customer attributes while our predictive models estimate the probability of customer attrition.

Components of this service include:

  • Attrition Risk

    Knowing if, and when, you are likely to lose customers will help you design and execute strategies and campaigns aimed at incentivizing your customers to stay. We use predictive models to determine risk of customer attrition for each of your customer segments.

  • Customer Loyalty Program Design

    Our analytics can be used to drive your customer loyalty program & strategies. Analytics should drive decisions around who to target as well as what to offer.

  • Churn Analysis

    Based on recent interactions with customer, analyze whether the customer might be about to leave. Also, what incentive might be best to retain the customer?

  • Life-time Value (LTV)

    Knowing customer LTV will help you determine the dollar value of incentives you can offer at-risk customers. It can also drive strategies for messaging, incentives & retention.

  • Retention Campaign Message Strategy

    Retention campaigns are most effective when the messaging and retention offers are customized to the individual level (using our Next-Best-Offer models).

  • Migration Dynamics

    Customer purchase volumes and frequencies can change over time, especially if you offer a broad mix of products or services. Customer migration – both to lower-revenue producing deciles as well as to competitors – is a real risk. Analytics can help you identify, understand and manage these risks.