Our Customer Profiling service provides several key insights into your customer profile – insights that are key to understanding key drivers of your business performance such as customer profitability, revenue growth, customer acquisition strategy, cost of customer acquisition, ideal product/service mix, etc.

Components of this service include:

  • Best & Worst Customers

    Our customer decile analysis will help you identify customer clusters, and rank those clusters based on customer spend. When overlaid with additional data such as recency, visit frequency, etc.

  • Know Your Customer-Value Segments

    What are your customer value segments? What are the customer counts for each value segment? What can you do to move customers up the value segment hierarchy? Our customer profiling exercise can answer these questions for you.

  • Know What‘s In Your Customers’ Baskets

    Our Market Basket Analysis can help drive your cross-sell & up-sell recommendations. Knowing items frequently purchased together by customers across different segments can help you fine-tune your ‘you might like this’ offers.

  • Life-Time Value (LTV) of your Customers

    Understanding and quantifying the value each customer represents, and how this value varies across your business segments, is a key determinant of profitability and customer acquisition strategy. Our LTV models will help you put a precise dollar figure on each prospect.

  • Purchase Frequency

    How does purchase frequency vary across your customer segments? What are the key factors driving purchase frequency? Let our analytics-driven insight help you uncover these details.

  • Customer Preferences

    Knowing when and where purchases are occurring can help you time your promotions. How does channel preference vary across time of day? Are weekend shopping baskets significantly different than weekday baskets?