Our solutions for customer loyalty include:

  • Point Banks

    Design & implementation of loyalty points award and accrual systems in support of your customer and employee loyalty initiatives.

  • Line-of-Business Application Integration

    Integration of customer loyalty system with your internal apps: HR applications, Active Directory, CRM systems, transactional applications such as POS and e-commerce sites.

  • Ongoing Analytics & Reporting

    KPIs and dashboards to help you monitor the health of your loyalty initiatives. Predictive analytics to help you identify your brand ambassadors.

  • Smartphone Apps

    Mobile apps on the iOS and Android platforms in support of your loyalty efforts. Apps for: Point tracking, quizzes & surveys to help earn points on-the-go. Redeeming points for merchandise.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Enhance your e-commerce site with customer loyalty features including Point Bank, points redemption using company as well as 3rd-party catalogs, mobile point lookups and point redemptions.

  • Social Media Integration

    Integration with social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, etc. so you and your customers/employees can broadcast loyalty activity on social media.